a random smathering of abstract meanderings

420 HighKu: The Circular Swirls

420 HighKu: The Circular Swirls is a meandering and heartbreaking story of a hippie getting lost in a cluttered mind, succumbing to mental disorders, alcohol use, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The story emerges with a positive plea of acceptance, tolerance, spirituality, and community. 


Water Vapor Floats


Water vapor floats.

Rising through the atmosphere.

Like weightless bubbles.

Condemning the clouds

to life abbreviated-


Suspended in sky.

Towering in low pressure.

Falling down as rain.

Mountains catch the drops.

Funneling streams through valleys.

Chaos, turned order.

Waterfalls release,

shaping rock with fervent force.

Ceaseless erosion.

Hydration collects.

Life thrives bountifully in lakes.

Place to populate.

Water flows downhill.

Rivers carve the great landscapes.

Relentlessly flow.

Microscopic grains.

Rocks meticulously carved.

Sand crafted beaches.

Showers and sprinkles.

Walking on the morning dew.

Water refreshes.

Sleeping in sand dunes. 

Portrait of a peaceful beach. 

Personal postcard. 

Big big big big Bang!

A most rapid expansion.

What a universe!

Tree grows large above.

Scatters seeds on my clean lawn.

Thank you lovely tree.

Writing deep poems.

A string of limitless thoughts.

It will blow your mind!

Relentless knocking.

Woodpeckers are persistent.

A big fucking headache.

Microscopic life.

Millions of microbiomes.

Party in your gut.

Rainwater dampens.

Gathering puddles soak soil.

Torrential deluge.

Unshakable roots.

Fixed, firm and flexible.

Entrenched with cement.

For billions of years,

precipitation collects.

Expansive oceans. 

Cresting and breaking.

Waves, relentlessly rolling.

Oceanic breath.

Drops in Earth’s buckets,

collected in deep basins,

expensive oceans.

Pacific horizon,

Eyes stretch to see the edges.

Contemplate the depths.

Wind blown and wafted.

Beach absorbs stormy droplets.

Artisanal sandscape.

Crash of wave resounds,

complex pattern repeating,

natural white noise.

Tiny sandcastle,

eroded by rising tide.

Move two feet, repeat.

The Indie Pen Dance

The Indie Pen Dance. 

Feet flailing furiously,

as left hand inscribes. 

Meaning’s elusive.

Chicken scratch of jotted notes

left undecoded.

Piles are mounting.

Shuffled papers are unfiled.

Brainstorm writing stacks.

Technology rocks!

A blend of science and art.

Big words and numbers.

Breeze in brain is still.

Wind through open window blows.

All ideas are lost.

In the emptiness….

in the pain and loneliness….

hatching new ideas…….

...three eggs, two eggs, one:

you are the last remaining.

Hatch, proliferate.

Stretch your fragile wings.

Fall, incapably flailing.

Hide! Or get eaten.

Food on forest floor:

bugs, small worms, crickets, and flies.

Can’t catch beetle yet.

Strength in simple things.

Fast! Follow the hopping frog.

Leap to lowest branch.

Berries! Blue and sweet.

Nutrition easy to eat.

Sug’ry energy.

Beginning to fly.

Survey surroundings unknown.

Expand horizons.

Straw, string, or seaweed.

Scattered items strewn about.

Assemble your nest.

Find a date, then mate.

Lay the eggs and watch them hatch.

Spirit is reborn.

Stone is Tough as Sponge


Stone is tough as sponge.

Water seeps and turns to ice.

Hairline fracture spreads.


Preferred to uncertainty.

Feeling way through dark.

Blistered paint peeling.

Cracked lines spread like spiders web.

Elements expose.

Relentless waves crash.

Brain is awash with driftwood.

Time to burn clutter.

Detectable lies. 

Tension behind my strained veins. 

Truth is contorted. 

Lost in secret streets.

A bigoted boulevard.

Closed and secluded.

Cold and clandestine.

Meet my mistress with surprise...

Eyes - canned tomatoes.

The stains have been soaked. 

Dryer’s cycle spinning slow. 

Clothes left unfolded. 

The daytime is blurred. 

Omelette flipped repeatedly. 

Burned with the sun’s ray. 

Eating passes time. 

Burnt bridges crossing my mind. 

Toast with fruit and brine. 

Never ending wait.

Languishing boredly.

Continuous queue.

Mandatory health.

Deranged doctors destroy me.

Pointless procedure.

Vestibular nerve. 

Electric signal to brain. 

Vibrate to translate. 

Signal is received. 

Auditory has been heard. 

Assign the meaning. 

Board meeting cancelled.

The surf forecast forgotten.

Spirit depleted.

I anticipate,

while fretting ferociously - 

a fickle forecast.

Survive in the night.

Monumental midnight move. 

Delight in daybreak.

Grizzly bear spied me.

Sniffed, snarled, and stood tow’ring.

Mauled by clawed muscle.

Bodies are fragile.

Remarkably resilient.

Learns to fix itself.

Elevated joy!

Experience existence

in permanent bliss!

Exclamation points!!!!!

With fucking cherries on top!!!

Added emphasis!!

Heirs wait patiently.

Pull the curtain of demise.

Mortality passed.

Creeps of the blue bar.

Parsing each percentage point

as if it were theirs.

Driven to construct. 

Turn design on its basement. 

Start with the ceiling. 

Mirror pendulates. 

Oscillating reflection. 

Flipped image of Id.

We see, then perceive. 

Retinal image inverted. 

Flip head on its lid. 

I studied and learned. 

Education is achieved. 

Put into practice. 

Have I missed the point?

Ignorant intelligence. 

Voided PhD.